Catalina Island On A Trawler

This post is several weeks late (which is earlier than some!) but I thought we’d share the experience.  L& I signed up months ago for a three day/two night Trawler School around Catalina Island.  I’ve always been curious about the trawler experience so we signed up for this class with the local maritime college.

Despite dark gray clouds on the horizon when we arrived at the school docks on Friday morning, this trip, like many of our boating experiences, turned out better than we deserved.  There was supposed to be other students along.  They had paid their tuition.  Food and beverage for many had been provisioned.  After two hours of waiting the other students finally called and said they’d be no-shows. So, off we go, just L, myself, and the captain/instructor!  Despite our best efforts we could not even make a sizable dent in the great food (thanks to Ana’s provisioning we ate like kings!).  We also felt like kings as we altered our itinerary each day to suit the weather and our moods.

Like the first day, each morning would start out gray and gloomy and be bright and sunny by noon.  This was our first overnight trip  (I took my nighttime Coastal Certification to/from there) to Catalina and we already want to go back!

Here are a few pictures to share our experience

Our personal gear waiting on the other students before boarding

This was cooler #1 of two (plus the onboard refrigerator was full!)

L's organization of the carb shelf

Finally underway - wondering what the waves on the horizon will be like at 8 kts

L's first view of Catalina

Yes, the water really is that color (and supposedly gets clearer as summer sets in)

L & I took the dinghy out for a little exploring

First night's mooring field at Two Harbors, Isthmus, Catalina Island

On the docks at Two Harbors morning of day #2

Here's the trawler just before casting off from Two Harbors for day #2

Couldn't figure out how to put these puzzle pieces back together

Emerald Bay, Catalina Island

On the mooring for night #2 in Emerald Bay, Catalina Island

Part of the Emerald Bay onshore landscape

Relaxing before dinner in Emerald Bay

Last rays of sun, night #2, Emerald Bay, Catalina Island

I don't need no sticking GPS, I've taken Capt. Armando's navigation classes!

Merry Christmas from Emerald Bay, Catalina Island! (no, wait, Memorial Day is next weekend, I've lost all track of time!)



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  1. Bud

    Obviously, Life is good and you deserve it to be so.

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