2018 New Year’s resolution… Stir Stick


Everyday items like stir sticks are often overlooked, never glorified, sometimes forgotten, yet have profound influences on our lives. Looking forward, I’d like to be like that, a stir stick!

Stir sticks get to mix two or more dissimilar items into one enjoyable substance. Stir sticks get to dissolve bad stuff into good stuff. Stir sticks get to remake the ordinary into something better. Stir sticks don’t draw attention to themselves. Stir sticks make no noise. Stir sticks are still usable even if they are partly broken. Stir sticks don’t mind being set aside after use.  Yet, stir sticks are often kept close at hand ready to be reused. Stir sticks are servants.

From corporate boardrooms to vacation destinations, from street carts to corporate jets, from executive mansions to tents, from the hands of world leaders to the hands of the homeless, stir sticks really get around. Stir sticks just fit in.

Stir sticks also get to play completely different roles that they were never intended for.  Stir sticks are the original fidget sticks.  Stir sticks get to calm nerves, incite thoughts, and inspire action. Stir sticks get used to facilitate conversations, underscore details, and be a be a place holder for thought reflections.  Stir sticks are central to our lives.

I think  I’ve decided I’m going to be a stir stick.


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  1. Well said Jon. Your creative writing style left me wanting to read more. I have never been a creative writer, I get a lot from reading the words of others. Thanks for putting yourself out here for others to enjoy!

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