We’re average people doing average things that happen to cross paths with outstanding people in our daily life travels.  In 2010 as we embark on a new life on the opposite coast of the USA from where we’ve spent our lives thus far we thought we’d do our best to share with you some of these outstanding people we happen to meet.

Sit tight, buckle-up, and come along for the ride.  (Or be daring and surf the roof barefoot as we cruise the back roads if that is more your style!)

7 responses to “About

  1. Pete Albert

    Hey there Jon,

    Where in SoCal are you settling? I’ve been out here since February, ’01. Live in Bellflower, work out of a shop in Marina del Rey. E-mail me when you get out here. Have a safe and wonderful trip out here.

    – Pete

  2. Pete – Liz was given the five county area surrounding LA to be a resident of by April 1st. We’re heading out without a plan other than to take our time and check it all out. Although we do plan to check out as far south and San Diego I’d bet we end up closer to the LA area. I will catch up with you when we get more settled. J

  3. Aunt Sue

    Thanks for allowing us to come on your journey with you! Our prayers are with you for safe travels!

  4. Aunt Sandra

    Finally got a chance to catch up with you all today (1/18). So, you’re in California!!! Well Cutie, your excitement is just starting! I’ll try to do a better job of checking in more frequently. Take care of yourselves and be safe!

  5. Dru

    Hey, Guys! Great to hear that you made it to SoCal without major incident. I bet Contessa (our Bichon Frise for those not in the know) would love to sit in your lap and watch HH dance her way along the open road…and BTW, I’m glad I finally got to see your new RV…in a picture.
    We’ll be waiting for tales of more adventures! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!

  6. Craig crabtree

    Liz and Jon great pics. Craig c.

  7. Bob Green

    Very nice website, I love the photography.

    We got the pit we wanted for the Baja 500, Erindira. Plenty of room for your rig if you’re still interested. Check you Expo Portal PM’s.

    Bob and Machelle

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