Contingency Plan

Where I work we use about five different metal finishers for parts we have manufactured for our products. Occasionally I make a pre-7am visit on my way in to work.

This past Thursday I arrived early to make a drop off and saw this box outside one of the industrial buildings the finisher occupies. A small box, out in the open on a white wash repaired wall, locked away to forget. Plans made long ago only to possibly-by-chance be remembered during a future emergency.

Later on my drive to work I thought about how God always has a contingency plan. But just like this box His plan is sometimes outside our view, our lives, our thoughts. Just like this box I often live my life with His contingency plan out-of-sight & out-of-mind. Just like this box there is a key that opens His contingency plan.

Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten about the box or lost the key. God has been keeping it safe for us all along. Right about now might be a good time to open it up.

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