2018 New Year’s resolution… Help Wanted

Why can’t “adults” be interns? Looking back, I’ve spent all of my years so far being an intern. I’m OK with that. In fact, I aspire to be an intern!

Interns have permission to ask questions. Interns are given a second chance when mistakes are made. Interns get to be confused. Interns are allowed to look bewildered.  Interns (well some places) are allowed to have slightly less stylish clothes. Interns are encouraged to ask questions. Interns are allowed to linger at the Craft Services table longer (and take home dinner portions of snacks at the end of the day). Interns are allowed to just hang out soaking in the work and skills of others. Interns are allowed to dream out loud. Interns are allowed to ask more questions. Interns have an expectation that they are about to learn something. Interns expect others to be willing to spend time teaching them something. Interns are allowed the time necessary to eventually change their first unfounded and uneducated incorrect ideas. Interns expect to get feedback.  Interns are on a quest for growth. Intern’s questions are never-ending.

Internships are like going to a hot springs. Expect a long dusty drive along a bumpy road. Expect the air conditioning to be broken. Expect to get wet. Expect to get some mud between the toes. Expect to smell like sulfur (or sweat) afterwards. Expect a need to change your clothes afterwards. Expect to get your hands dirty. But go anyway and willingly submit to being changed.

I think  I’ve decided I’m looking for an internship.



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4 responses to “2018 New Year’s resolution… Help Wanted

  1. Pete Sizemore

    You express so well my lifelong thinking that there is always something to learn, even in things that I very good and think I know what is correct. There is always something to learn. Thank you!

  2. Charles Kinder

    The problem with many internships is that the mentor frequently expects the intern to actually work. I have decided that I want a position as observer, but not the kind that sits in the back seat of an F-16.

    • Bud Kinder, that was the old days 😎
      Now interns “get” to do all the work. At the reduced intern pay scale of course. But just like the old days, being an intern is not about the money.

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