Three Month Update

Seaside just north of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Today is officially three months since our last blog post.  The evidence is overwhelming that we are not timely sharing our stories, experiences, and views.  So, to those who are still checking up on us… our apology, both for our absence and for this three-month-in-one blast view.

Just after our last post we traveled to Playa del Carmen, Mexico for ten days.  We had been there briefly during a cruise ship stop on our honeymoon but had not visited southeast Mexico since.  Each time we looked out over the Caribbean Sea we thought about the Gulf oil spill and how beaches similar to this on the southern coast of the US might be damaged forever.

Two tourists at the top of the highest temple-pyramid at Coba

We tried to eat, travel, swim, and experience everything we could during our time in Playa del Carmen in case it was another 16+ years before we returned.

I like this business!

As soon as we returned to SoCA I was off to two industry events the following week – a photo course in San Diego and Cine Gear up in LA.  I’m trying to take advantage off all of the opportunities that are relatively close out here that would have required major travel commitments if we were still back east.  Plus, there were still a few items for the REDone camera kit to be sorted out and what better place to do that than a cine toy show!

I finally started shooting stock motion work out here.  My hope was to be in full swing with that section of my work by early June. Hopefully I’ll be in full swing sometime this fall.

We also got our feet wet in boating again.  If we had know that we’d settle this close to the water we would NOT have sold our boat before moving!  We get more looks than normal in our somewhat unique inflatable kayak.  Partly because the kayak is a little unique, partly because we’re invading the space of the multi-million dollar yachts, but mostly because L is always facing the back of the kayak toward me and never has a paddle in her hands.  She’s even been asked by other boaters if she’s lost her paddle.  L’s standard comment is something about being the food and beverage manager.  With 10,000 vessels in Newport Harbor you see all kinds of watercraft.  Including sea lions.  So far we’ve seen them on every trip out.

Crashing the party Newport Harbor style

Boat owners try all sorts of ways to keep the Sea Lions off the boats, some ideas work better than others

Late June I was back on the east coast for a ten-day work stretch of blistering hot temperatures in Asheville, Richmond, and Norfolk.  I need to work on my timing!  Actually maybe our timing is very good as we missed one of VA’s worst winters on record and now have missed one of the warmest summers on record.  Grass that’s brown (and black) before July 1st.  That’s hot!

I arrived back on the left coast just hours before July 4th.  July 4th out here is not like July 4th in Richmond.  Out here our street was blocked off and seemingly every house had some sort of Asian paper wrap of gunpowder to light on fire.  L & I went to a nearby cliff to watch the closest official fireworks.  By the time we rode our bikes back to our street the air was a think cloud of gunpowder. Sometimes it was actually hard to breathe!  We were obviously unprepared. Next year we’ll have to have gunpowder of our own!  Plus, I bet Halloween and Christmas are a glow of mini watt colored bulbs.  We might have to plan for that as well!

July 4th 2010 Back Bay Upper Newport Harbor

L had to attend a convention in Seattle so we decided I should tag along and then extend the trip with some vacation time.  After the convention we took a week-long trip through the northern Cascades.  Every night except two we could see snow on mountaintops from our hotel room.  It was our first trip anywhere near that locale.  Beautiful country!

Two tourists at Pike Place Market Seattle WA

Yes, that’s an oyster!

Northern WA cascade lake

Pike Place Market Oysters at Diablo Lake WA

Does anyone have a napkin?

Transportation to cowboy dinner in Winthrop WA

I was informed that my riding crash helmet was one size to small

Transportation to Stehekin Landing WA

L right seat in a DeHavilland DHC-2 on Lake Chelan WA

Lake Chelan WA

Just a few hours after we returned from Washington state we had our second house guest.  We had problems deciding where you let a five time Grammy Award winner sleep in your house.  A small two bedroom house where the second bedroom is an office with three desks. Should we give him our bed and we sleep on the Aero bed set-up in the office?  Should we give him the Aero bed in the office?  Should we set-up the Aero bed for him in the downstairs living room? Should we go frat house and let him crash on the couch?  Or should we call a cab and point him toward the Ali Baba?

Rock Stars always arrive prepared

We’re back “home” now settling back into “real” life (as if bicycling, paddling, and sailing in our free time are “real” lives).  We are very conscious that we are experiencing a part of the world that is not available to everyone.  Since nothing in life is guaranteed we are trying to experience and appreciate all that this small part of the USA has to offer while we are here and able.

Dana Point Harbor CA

Beach cruisers are mandatory here (almost)

On the path at Castaways Park above Upper Newport Bay

Touched by paradise

Two tourists on the beach

Crystal Cove Beach CA

Sailing just that much closer to the sun

And just to share this week’s “real” weather forecast….  here’s a screen grab to prove it!

Just how hot will it be where you live?


Although this post is long overdue it is with a heavy heart that I let J click “publish”.  It seems wrong to post pictures of us smiling in points of paradise while 13 of my friends are experiencing the worst day of their lives today.

I’m not sure whether any of the thirteen will ever stumble on this post but if you do, please know J & my thoughts and prayers are with you!  You have shared part of your lives with me and I thank you and will be forever grateful.

To everyone else, grasp all you can out of each day, living life to its fullest, be ever thankful of what you have, share your defeats and your victories, and remember that no dream becomes reality without a plan.



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2 responses to “Three Month Update

  1. Joe

    We can’t wait to see you in October. Thanks for all the great stories and pictures.

  2. Bud and Barbara

    Great photos, J and L! Looks and sounds as if you are loving the CA life. We just returned from 2 weeks in the Gloucester area of MA — much cooler than August in Fl. We have settled in nicely and love the FL life.

    Love, B and B

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