Investment Advice “OC” Style

Since it was blazing hot in the office yesterday (nearly 100 degrees) L & I decided to go to an air-conditioned restaurant for lunch to cool off.

Two gentlemen at the table behind me were talking loudly enough for me to hear some of their conversation.  The man talking the most was obviously an investor. Based on his statements I guess the second man was his attorney (or a city councilman…  more on that later).

My ears perked up when the “investor” talked about wanting to start, buy, or own an airline.  By his statements he wasn’t talking about a desire for a little charter operation but something with tickets and scheduled flights.  I’ve never met someone who can start or buy, much less own an airline.  If my body temperature hadn’t been in the red zone perhaps I would have mustered up the courage to introduce myself.  Someone of that stature needs media shot I just know it!

After the airline talk the conversation entered into a topic you’d only overhear in the “OC”.  The “investor” mentioned a desire to invest in some marijuana dispensaries. The “attorney” said “I can help you with that” (that’s why I think maybe he was involved in local government as well).  The “investor” stated that he thinks marijuana is about to go “mainstream”.  That society will “demand it”. Then he said (as close as I remember…) “I’m under a lot of stress, all the time, why shouldn’t I be able to get a prescription to smoke a little marijuana to calm me down?”

There you have it.  Straight from an overheard conversation at the lunch table through me and now to you.  Investment advice from Orange County CA.

This is the same Orange County that is the second most populated county in California, the sixth most populated county in the USA, and the largest county to ever have declared bankrupt (1984) after former treasurer-tax collector Robert Citron consulted psychics and astrologers before investing and losing billions of the county’s money.

Yesterday the guy with the money was interested in airlines and pot.  Two of the last things I would invest in (even with your money). But then again maybe that’s why I don’t have any money.


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