Just Sync’d My iPhone

I thought there were two pictures I should share.

Do you think most Final Cut Pro editors are men?   Well when the FCP Supermeet in Las Vegas is booked at the RIO Hotel which is not on the Vegas strip and is somewhat difficult to get to there must be a reason.  Price?  I Don’t Think So!

Most of the convention center was taken up with this:

I’d show pictures of what they were selling in the halls but this is a family friendly blog.

Speaking of families I caught this outside a furniture store this afternoon.   Now this is childcare OC (Orange County) style!   Welcome to California.

NO.  I found a Husband’s bench.  I did not come home with a puppy!

Have a great weekend



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2 responses to “Just Sync’d My iPhone

  1. Bud and Barbara

    Great photos, Jon, and I’m sure there are more stories to go with them. Bud and I passed by a nondescript restaurant the other day that was called “Bud’s Restaurant.” In smaller lettering, it said, “Barbara’s, too!” Darn it! Some other Bud and Barbara have found a way to survive financially. I would send a photo, but I don’t think I can do that to your blog.

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