HH Is Getting A New Ride!

Is that a tear, just maybe, out of her left eye?

For more than three months “The View” was our home, for several months our only means of transportation, and our gateway to explore and experience the west.  The time was short but in retrospect it really flew by.

Now as we start to settle in… “life” has stepped in the way.  It was our dream to find a rental house where we could park the View.  We didn’t find a house in which we wanted to live where that is allowed.  We also ended up choosing a house that was more than we imagined during the CFO’s budget meetings back in November & December.  The cost of proper housing for the View was also more than we did contingency plans for back in ’09.  The icing on the cake was looking at our schedules and determining that there would be stretches of time that would add up to months where we wouldn’t have time to experience The View.

Secretly we also were worried that HH might have been lonely and experiencing wanderlust.

So, after nights of anguish over the decision we are excited to announce that John & Judy, a fabulous couple from just a couple of hours away, have adopted “our” View.  They have more time on their hands.  They have spent months if not years of dreaming of travel adventures throughout the West.  L & I look forward to hearing and experiencing “their” view vicariously.  They’ve even agreed to allow us to meet up from time to time for visitation visits.

Do Not Fear!   HH is with us and will have a new ride shortly.  Her new ride won’t have leather seats, won’t have satellite tv, and won’t have a stove.  But, she’s looking forward to her new ride allowing the wind to blow through her hair.

So, farewell “View”, we will miss you!  But our travels, adventures, and life exploration will still continue!  HH and us will continue to share our “view” experiences with you.   If John & Judy start to share some of their “views” with the wide world we’ll refer you to their site as well.

Stay tuned…  HH is about to get a new ride!


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One response to “HH Is Getting A New Ride!

  1. Jill

    :0( I know you will miss her, but I am glad she will have loving parents who will travel with her. I will always remember my time with her eating pizza and drinking cosmos in my driveway. Love you guys.

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