I Bet You Didn’t Know!

Lost Wages Badges

I survived my nine days in Lost Wages.  And, to the likely dismay of hotel developers there I didn’t help them with their financial bottom line with any gambling donations.

I did learn about a “sport” or “competition” called slots tournaments.  My main workshop hotel was very gracious to allow the shooting crews to roam freely in search of interesting locations for our camera tests.  They even allowed us to shoot in quiet parts of the casino (as long as we didn’t point the cameras toward gaming customers).  However on Friday morning we couldn’t go in the casino due to a “Slots Tournament”.  Excuse me?   A slot machine “tournament”?  There are lots of topics I know nothing about…  but how can the depositing of money into a noisy, blinking light, flashing machine be turned into a tournament?   What could a slot machine customer possibly do to alter the outcome of chance?  Especially when that “chance” is managed by the owner of the machine?

I did a small search and found out some info that I thought you’d like to know…  this from Vegas.com…

Many people prefer tournaments to regular slot play because they know ahead of time what their potential losses will be – most tournaments have a set entry fee. It’s not quite as risky as regular slot gambling because you can lose only the amount of the entry fee.

You don’t have to be a regular slot player or a slot expert to participate in a slot tournament.

Oh, that sounds so appealing!

I thought you’d like to know…


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