Management By Intimidation and Orange Extension Cords

Required Reading

Finally!  A week worth writing about!

Life jumped into warp speed this past week.  It seemed that every day I had places to go and people to see.  L has been traveling along the East Coast corridor and I was in Chicago at the end of the week for a Steadicam workshop.

I read two fabulous books during my travels that are both required reading. Book #1 is LYNCHPIN by Seth Godin.  I’d share my copy but I’ve underlined, highlighted, and written all over the margins.  I even had a brainstorm for a fabulous marketing related business that I’m going to begin work on next week. Thanks Seth!  Book #2 is THE 4-HOUR WORKWEEK by Timothy Ferriss (’09 updated version).  This is an update of the original that I blogged about in ’08.  I’d share my copy but I’ve written in too many to-do notes to let it out of my hands. Thanks Tim!

I love experiences that turn out to be more than expected.  I went to Chicago expecting a mechanics workshop.  Instead it turned out to be one of me observing, experiencing, and spending time with a giver who lives to share the gifts of encouragement and artistic inspiration.  Kudos to those who go beyond the norm and share insight into life and ways to give more than what is expected (you know who you are Peter!).  I should have expected this since my week began on Monday with a stranger giving me a loaf of freshly baked bread (thanks Suzanne!)  Share what you know and what you have!

I had emails from four people this week that I’ve lost touch with for at least a year or more.  Thanks for reaching out!

I especially value the time I was able to spend with four new friends this week… Ronnie, Sam, Joshua, and Peter… thank you!  Also thanks to the following people I met and enjoyed talking to: Suzanne, John, Bonnie, Carlos, Jim, the Asian lady from Atlanta, and Mike Tyson (who I sat next to on the plane ride back).

My flight from Chicago this morning was dispatched with eight TSA agents at the gate.  It was a great example of management by intimidation.  By observation the officer in charge managed by belittling, intimidating, and making fun of other officer’s families.  He even blamed a passenger for the failure of his tangled orange extension cord and loudly told the passenger that she couldn’t plug her computer into the outlet adjacent where he plugged in.  That’s right, blame the passenger, the customer, the reason for his job in the first place… for the failure of an orange extension cord that looked like it had been used for hedge trimming. Maybe this is all we can expect from a base salary of $23,400 for screeners and $44,000 for managers.  Boy do I feel safer with this buffoon in charge of my safety.  NOT!

By the way Mr TSA guy.  In the production industry we never, ever, no matter what, use orange extension cords on the job.  Our work ethic and desire to avoid embarrassment mean we never, ever, no matter what, use orange extension cords on the job.

With the exception of the orange extension cord incident I witnessed a lot of good this week.  Time well spent!


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  1. Joe

    Sounds like you had a great week. We enjoyed seeing Liz on Thursday but are really looking forward to seeing you. Can’t wait to hear more about your marketing opportunity.

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