All Is Well – No News

Once again time has passed quickly in between posts.  No news from here that warrants any loud headlines.  No progress on the house search.  Heck, only limited progress on the neighborhood search.  I have decided that a 2hr 15min commute for a 40 mile trip is just too long.  As much as we like parts of Orange County, we will look at places closer to Burbank/Hollywood instead where the interstates that lead home are more than two and three lanes wide (shame on you 101 & I-5!).

I went back to school this past week for a two day investing class.  Somehow my brain didn’t explode.  Friday I went to three talks by ASC members.  Yesterday we visited the PODS to exchange some items – finished up just before a torrential rainstorm hit.  L is packing tonight to hit the airways early tomorrow for a 10 day road trip.  I’ll be packing for a four day trip to Chicago at the end of the week – I’m heading to the windy city to learn how to fly (fly cameras that is).

Life out of a box (or suitcase) continues.



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2 responses to “All Is Well – No News

  1. “Friday I went to three talks by ASC members.”

    Oh please do tell who when you have a chance. The opportunity to soak up the knowledge and expertise of some of the greatest cinematographers on the planet is reason enough to move to the left coast.

    … and you have plenty of fans that are keeping tabs, so please keep us informed of your adventures!


  2. Friday’s talks were put on by Filmtools and sponsored by Manfrotto. Friday’s three ASC presenters were… how should I say this… of a more seasoned generation… than the ASC presenters at Collision in August or Createasphere a couple of weeks ago.

    I should get through a couple more networking opportunities out here on the left coast before I say this… but so far there are definite differences in techniques, tools, and attitudes between “entertainment” and “entertainment/commerce” DP’s.

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