74 Degrees @ 8:00am

4,600 miles ago back in Richmond VA - December 19 '09

Once again this past we’ve heard from several friends from back east via phone calls & e-mails… Thanks for thinking of us!

L made it back from her whirlwind trip of eight airports in ten days (including a quick stop in Richmond!)

I’ve been to more education this past week including three days in a financial seminar.  My rear is tired!

This past week has continued the stream of meeting new and interesting people.  Sarah, Brad, Neil, John, Briana, Michael, Luke, Marc, Patrick, & Ecar thanks for sharing part of your day, lives, and stories with us!

In an unrelated note I’m hunting for a new GPS.  The Garmin Nuvi we’ve been using is a liar and seems to ignore the traffic data (or at least can not predict the route time correctly).  Does anyone have a GPS that excels in traffic avoidance or at least predicts traffic correctly?

I’m also looking for an iPad developer/programmer.  Any suggestions please give me a shout!

The picture above is for all of our friends back east that hope they have shoveled their last snow for this year (or a lifetime).  It was 74 degrees here at 8:00am this morning.


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