Sorry, I’ve Got To Get Back To Work

I’m trying to use this “limbo” or “relocation” time to broaden my horizons.  I’m also trying to take advantage of opportunities a world-wide metro area like this has to offer (especially in the production industry).  Today I went to a motivational event that was day two of seventeen days of different seminars, workshops, or training sessions I’ve signed up for over the next month or so.

One of today’s dozen or speakers was Michael Phelps the 14 time Olympic gold medal winning swimmer.  One statement he made got me questioning how dedicated I’ve been (actually what a slacker I’ve been) to goals I’ve set out to accomplish over my lifetime.

For five years Michael worked out every single day.  Five years.  Sixty months. Two hundred sixty weeks. One thousand eight hundred twenty-five days. Over that period he didn’t miss a single day.  For five years… straight.

His competitors were working out six days a week, not seven.  That’s at least 260 additional work out days over the period.  Add in holidays some of his competitors might have also skipped and Michael amassed an additional year’s worth of experience over the same time frame as his competitors.  Six years of experience in five years.  Now that’s a totally different level of dedication.


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