A Bite Of Entertainment

To brighten up this day I thought I’d post a long overdue bite of entertainment.

Exuma is a district in the Bahamas consisting of more than a year’s worth of cays (islands) if you visited a different one each day.  The most known cay besides Great Exuma might be Staniel Cay, a favorite of boaters and yachters due to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.  Just a mile away from Staniel Cay is Big Majors Spot, an uninhabited strip of land with two beautiful beaches on the Exuma Banks side facing a supremely beautiful anchorage area. On busy holidays there might be a hundred boats bobbing “on the hook”.

As nice as all this is, the main attraction on Big Majors Spot are several wild pigs that aggressively swim out near shore for scrap food brought by in boaters. They will even try to hop in the boat if they think you are holding back from them. They are wild, and can bite. It might not be the smartest idea to get in the water with them…


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2 responses to “A Bite Of Entertainment

  1. Pete

    And why did you allow her to get in the water with the pigs?

    We are looking forward to seeing Liz tomorrow, Friday. Wish you were going to be here.


  2. Sue

    This makes me crack up each time I see it!!!! Thanks for the laugh!

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