We’ll Be Right Back

What happened?  How has 2012 come down to this?  Just ten days to catch up, hurry up, wrap up, and measure up.  And what happened to our blogging?  We all but left our remaining readers empty-handed.  After six + months is this thing still on?  Hello out there…

In the past several weeks we’ve reminisced about Lake Anna, Urbanna Oyster Festival, Thanksgiving at the Whitelocks, and Christmas At Derbyshire.  At the same time we continue to get out and make new memories in the west.  I call it replacement therapy.

L & I have decided to check out for the rest of the year.  Unplug, turn off, and leave behind everything we didn’t get done in 2012.  At daybreak tomorrow morning we’re taking a cargo plane to a two square mile patch of carbonate.  24° 10.185 N   76° 26.874 W   And we promise to spend a little time pondering course corrections.

On our discussion list for 2013 are vows to linger for more conversations, take more pictures, share more stories, remember more names, and maybe even make a few more blog posts.

Merry Christmas.  We’ll hit it hard next year.


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