We’ve been buying up the road lately.  Yet, for some reason blogging is still on the back burner.  Here are a few pictures to tide you over until I figure out something to say!

We may not be “Overlanding” but we are certainly off the beaten path!

Our “camp” at Overland Expo 2012  Photo by Brent Haywood

Does anyone recognize the flag we’re flying at Overland Expo 2012?

A rock star from New Jersey left this at our house several years ago. We decided to see if it could be used for stove fuel.

For those of you who have heard about my container house dream… here’s one we found in Flagstaff, AZ. Check it out at

We stopped in here for a quick lunch while passing through Williams AZ. That “quick lunch” turned into a two and a half hour lesson on life!  Photo by Chad Walker

Kevin and Kathi have thrown away conventional wisdom and started a new venture that Kevin has always dreamed about. Kathi is a former business and life coach. For some reason she focused at least an hour of clarifying questions at the man in the plain blue shirt.  Photo by Chad Walker

Thanks Kevin & Kathi for a jumpstart into figuring out what my second half century will be!         Photo by Chad Walker

Memorial Day on Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Photo by Brent Haywood

Memorial Day on Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Photo by Brent Haywood



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3 responses to “Lately…

  1. Bud kinder

    911 flag designed by owner of Melitos Resturant.

  2. Chad

    That bottle of rocket fuel was actually kinda tasty.

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