Oregon Road Trip!

Leaving the Overland Rally in Hollister, CA on Sunday we drove north, north, and more north.  First destination was Portland Oregon.  The PAV’s maker and two other Sprinter tech companies are all three based near Portland.  So, we spent several days hanging out in the area while modifications and additions were completed.  Thanks to all at Upscale Automotive, Van Specialties, and of course Outside Van who all did fabulous work and happily dealt with our time constraints.

Just into Oregon we took a detour so L could visit Harry & David… home of Moose Munch

L, you may NOT buy that much Moose Munch!

L, do NOT try to break into the Moose Munch machine!

Besides The PAV details, L’s first request was to visit the Portland food trucks. After a walking tour we went back and sampled the #1, #2, and #3 most popular choices.

Portland's #1 choice

Portland's #2 choice

Portland's #3 choice

Food for thought...

The iconic Voodoo Doughnut, home of the maple bacon doughnut

Our tour of eastern Oregon continued

Mt Hood from the north side

Salmon in the fish ladder at Bonneville Dam on the Columbia River

Heading Southeast out of Portland, we saw a small sign on the side of the interstate for pumpkins at The Roloff Farm.  Could it be?  The stars of the TLC show Little People, Big World?  We took an immediate exit, detour, and did in fact wind up at the Roloff Farm.


Hey Matt, can I try out the Pumpkin Catapult?

Get down from there, that's not your chair!

Clammers at sunrise

Two tourists

Saturday morning while driving through Lincoln City, OR I saw this truck outside the Beachside Coffee shop.  I had to go back and take a few pictures.  Inside we met Erin who had just purchased the shop via a Craigslist ad and moved on Tuesday with her husband and two kids from Arizona.  Talk about a major leap! By comparison it makes our decision to move to the left coast tame!  Best of luck to you and you family in your new venture/adventure.

"On the coast of somewhere..."


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