We passed and have certificates to prove it!


This weekend we made one of the steps (back) to add powerboating to our “insurable” status.  Lots of practice backing in-to slips on a twin engine boat.  Liz likes control with two sticks!


Happy student and instructor

Liz at the helm of the Tiara off Newport Beach, CA




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3 responses to “Certified!

  1. Nicely done, my peeps!!!

  2. Bud

    Looks like you folks are having a good time. Are you going to fish or just boating?

  3. Steph – just trying to make sure we’re ready for you, T, & J
    Bud – I learned long ago that fish are not attracted to my lines and don’t get near my hooks. We get our fish already caught and cleaned at the market (or better yet already prepared and brought to our table!!!). L’s made me fancy like that.

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