Why Do Things Cost So Much?

I have read all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books.  My notebooks have pages of ideas that I had while reading them.  Somehow I missed this May blog entry from his The New Yorker magazine post.

In both L & my industries the second subject always discussed is cost.  Yes, we can start out talking about the fitness of a product or how well a creative approach would influence the viewer but after the concept is presented the next question is cost.

This article is sure to interest anyone who has ever created anything.  Whether or not you expected compensation for the not-yet-made creation.  It doesn’t matter whether you are buying wax for your car, lumber for your kid’s treehouse, composite aircraft parts, or organic produce for dinner. If have ever wondered whether paying more for raw materials (or if you are like me you’ve had to go back to Home Depot and buy the expensive carbide tip circular blade after the cheap one pulverized your first cuts…) enjoy reading…



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