We Hope Everyone Enjoyed Easter

(Insert cool panoramic picture here)

Several weeks ago (actually more than a month ago) I found out that Saddleback Church was planning to have a big Easter worship service at Angel Stadium in Anaheim.  At the time the stadium was walking distance away and I thought that would be a perfect Easter worship experience (and make for a cool panoramic photo for our blog).  We are busy moving into our place in Costa Mesa this weekend but still planned to attend.  This morning I was on-line reconfirming the time and realized that tickets (actually called an entrance pass) were needed and no longer available.  Bo Hiss….  no big Easter worship experience with 50,000 others for us.

For those who called or emailed us late today to find out of the ground was shaking beneath our feet….  IT WAS!  AND, it wasn’t (all) due to moving fatigue! Yup, we felt the quake from Mexico.  No damage, but it did wiggle the earth for an extended period of time.

Oops, I have to get back to work, L’s calling.

We hope you celebrated!



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2 responses to “We Hope Everyone Enjoyed Easter

  1. Your Ex-Minister of Music

    What a lame excuse for not going to church!

  2. David

    50,000 “entance passes” given away with notice not to come without one

    Guess they are doing OK without our help…


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