Twelve Weeks On The Road! (and only two more nights to go)

Tonight marks twelve weeks since we left Richmond, VA on our drive across the USA to California to make ourselves a new home.

Back in November ’09 I was dreaming of a leisurely drive across our great country.  That leisurely drive turned into a mad dash to out-drive the winter weather.

In December ’09 I was thinking that it might take no more than a week or two after arriving in CA to pick a new hometown and find a rental house.  The first delay was L’s travel needs around CA.  The second delay was shipping our SUV out here.

In the six weeks since we’ve had a second set of wheels here we’ve driven 1700 miles throughout Los Angeles and Orange county searching for a new hometown.  On Craigslist,, and other sources we found 150+ possible houses we might be interested in.  We printed out these choices, grouped them together by neighborhood areas, and then drove by these 150 initial targets.  Along the way we’ve considered other “finds” during our drives.

As our search progressed my #1 goal/concern was proximity and commute times for L’s frequent air travel needs.  In the end we chose Orange County’s John Wayne Airport as the best place for her to fly out of and back-to.

As L mentioned last week, we finally found a house.

Tomorrow L & I start to unpack what took six of us to pack back in Virginia.  It won’t be easy.  But it will be much like Christmas as we rediscover our possessions after three months in storage (and probably ask a few questions like “why did we keep this?”).

Please feel free to take a couple extra pain killers and muscle relaxers for us tomorrow night!


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