Blend and Stir

Nope, I didn't get a chance to try out the pool, no time!

WOW!  Brain overload, brain overload, brain overload!

I had the remarkable opportunity to attend the Blend Images Creative Summit yesterday in Palm Springs.  As a guest of Ariel Skelley (with whom I shot a bunch of motion stock last summer that’s now available through Getty Images) I got to hear from presenters like Ed Kashi, Shane Hurlbut ASC, and Vincent La Foret. Ed has created a life legacy of compassionate images that emotionally change hearts and minds.  Shane and Vincent have been the forerunners of using HD DSLR’s for work that traditionally has been done with other cameras.

Motion stock was one of the creative directions I was considering pursuing here on the left coast.  After this weekend it’s importance in my future is vying for the #1 slot.

I always love talking about toys, techniques, and practical applications of the same.  It was an honor to share a bunch of one-on-one time with Shane, Don Mason, Marc Romanelli. and others “under the tent” at the end of the evening.

Thanks Ariel for making me be there!


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