We Found A House! (finally!)

When I accepted my new position back in October there were a few job requirements:  settle in one of the five counties around Los Angeles and be relocated by April 1, 2010.

My assumption then was that it would take the full six months to sell our house and we would barely land on CA soil by April 1st.  What really happened was everything fell in place, EVERYTHING so much so that we closed on the sale of our house before the end of December!  We were way ahead of schedule!

We left Richmond on January 6th. Even with the drive across country we had  breathing room.   J and I thought we’d take our time, investigate and be settled into a new place in a month or so.  We wanted three easy things:  a 2 car garage, close proximity to an airport and room to park the RV at our house.  Easy.  Right.  Not!  Fast forward to a month ago when I thought we would never find a place by April 1st and I hate missing a deadline.

This afternoon, when we signed a lease with an agreed upon move in day of April 1st I was amazed!  Who knew it would all come together!  Okay, we made a couple of concessions – 1 car garage , no place to park the RV, no dedicated guest room, and quite a commute to LA for J – if work leads him there.  Good news – we love the place!  It’s 1100 square feet, built in 1945.  Richmond house – 1200 square feet, built in 1948.  Biggest change – a CA outdoor living space, a definite bonus in our new place.  And if I do say so myself it looks like it was “Nelsonized” – the owner did a great job remodeling and modernizing the house.  I’M PSYCHED.  Give us a month or so and visitors will be welcome!

I feel a major unsettled chapter in my life is coming to a close – now what?  Back to normalcy – living our life M-F?   What will I do with all of this time on my hands?   I know,  spend MORE time in the RV on weekend road trips!


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