150 Houses and 2 View Sightings

Poke and Grilled Artichoke at Bear Flag Fish Company Newport Beach, CA

Sitting here on a Sunday night reflecting on yet another weekend spent in SoCal. Friday afternoon we drove to southern Orange County.  We decided it was too far south for us.  Saturday we drove hundreds of miles house hunting in LA County. We are not impressed.  We did a pro/con comparison and the cons outweighed the pros.  One pro – Beverly Hills, wide open spaces, beautiful landscaping, gorgeous homes and shopping.  Big con – we’re not rich. The daydream continued as we headed through the canyon roads to Malibu for a change of pace.  Gorgeous!  Again, way out of our financial league.  Pro – saw a celebrity, Luke Wilson.  Our long day was rewarded with tons of traffic as we headed back to our temporary home base in Orange.

Today we turned our search back to western Orange County.  Pros – close to a great airport for me, open spaces, slightly less traffic, more of what we are used to.  Cons – not sure if enough of a film/video industry exists here for J. Today’s search was concentrated in Newport Beach and Huntington Beach.  We saw some amazing views and some beautiful areas & homes.  I think I could get used to this. Not sure if it was fate but we saw not one but two Winnebago Views today!  Had a great conversation with Ken, View owner #1 down on the Newport Beach Peninsula.  We had to stop and chat with him in sheer appreciation for the very narrow streets he had to navigate to get to his house.  Got some ideas for storage locations for our RV should we have to part ways and park it in storage in order to find the house of our dreams.  View #2 on a street in Huntington Beach – no owner in sight to chat with. Another time.

At last count we’ve driven by at least 150 or so houses that we’ve printed the listing for ahead of time.  The budget has been adjusted…upwards.

Highlight earlier in the week was lunch with John and Beverly from Auburn CA.

Highlight for today was lunch at Bear Flag Fish Company in Newport Beach on the peninsula.  Chowder, Tuna Poke and Grilled Artichokes with yummy dipping sauce.


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  1. Beth E.

    Hi Guys! Just got done reading your blog and my what a great experience you guys are having! I loved reading about it and the pictures are great. Can’t wait to see the picture of the new house get posted soon. Hang in there and you will find the perfect place. L – I miss my dinner buddy.

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