How To Keep The Peace (on the road in a box)

The Ice Cube - Scanning For Intelligent Life Out There

Today marks the end of five weeks on the road in a box.  As we begin week six I’ll make a post about how to keep marital peace in a confined space.

When L & I  first started discussing whether to attempt making this move transition in a small fiberglass box, she made it plain and clear that a top priority for her was her “shows”.  Not wanting to be subjected to the wrath caused  by a lack of  half hour mindless diversions I promptly started researching ways to receive her TV programs while living a nomadic lifestyle.  Enter (from high on the rear of the box) the ice cube (as we refer to it).  Rain tested and more rain tested, somehow this cube with an internal dish that’s not much bigger than my hand reaches out to the galaxies and pulls in television programming that makes all things well inside the box.

Best accessory money spent so far.


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  1. Liz Nelson

    I can’t write my version of how to keep the peace on the road in a box. This is a family-oriented blog.


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