Wandering – It’s My Destiny

My horoscope from the LA Times today…

Some people have a hard time letting the wind carry them where it will.  That’s not your challenge.  You’ll be asked (and maybe paid) to wander.

Canyon drive - Salt Lake to Park City

Returned yesterday from three days in Utah.  I was surprised to see the lack of snow in Salt Lake as I approached by plane on Tuesday.  Same with the trip up Thursday to Park City.  What a quaint town with deep wallets.  Main street was small but unlike other small towns, the abundance of chic boutiques, pricey restaurants and apparel stores catering to the ski bums (and the rich and famous) set it apart.  On the heels of the Sundance Festival, things were pretty calm.  I liked the vibe though.  J and I often talk about living somewhere that you can leave your house and walk to shops, restaurants, entertainment, grocery, etc.  This place would fit the bill if it weren’t for the snow and million+ dollar price tags on the homes.  The wait staff in most restaurants live by something that I’ve only observed in the tropics – a sort of island time for skiers.  Ski bums just working to ski, so my work companion told me.  They also have a weathered look to them – the elements are harsh, I guess.

The podiatry convention is over and now I’m back “home” with J in San Diego riding out another rain storm.  I’m kind of digging the down time and a chance to relax after an extremely busy three weeks for me.  J seems to be holding in there.  Tomorrow we leave San Diego and head more inland to Temecula for three nights.  Then back to the OC for an extended stay.  There we hope to reunite with the Yukon after its cross-country trip on the back of a car carrier.  With smaller transportation available hopefully we can start house hunting.  We’ve visited 4 of the 5 counties that we can live in.  Looks like only LA and Orange county are still in the running.  We’ll check out Ventura county by car.  Then narrowing down from there – still overwhelming to actually pick a city.

Feels like a Sunday – J has the jazz station on – kind of mellow.  Think I’ll take a nap.


Main Street - Park City, UT

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