Four Weeks!

HH Keeping Me Company While L Is In Utah

Today officially marks four weeks “on the road”.  Since we drove out of Richmond on Wednesday January 6th we’ve traveled 4,320 miles and parked for the night (or several nights) in fourteen different places in six different states.  It’s been way way way way to quick.   I want to do the cross-country part over again and spend much more time on two lane roads.  Perhaps I can be content exploring the west from two lane roads instead.

Today is the first time in the last month that I felt I made headway on my to-do list.  About nineteen items crossed off today.  I did get in a bike ride 5 miles south to about 2 miles from the US/Mexico border.  Had lunch at Don Panchos Taco Shop (which was recommended by Jonce at Fancher’s Upholstery in MI) topped off with a little something from the Stardust Donut Shop.  Watched the helicopter show at a distance from the Imperial Beach NOLF site.  Some government agency was flying a Hughes 500 around the coast while the Navy was practicing landings with big, slow, gray things.  A couple of Jet Rangers flew by also but the Hughes is some machine. I’ve never flown in a Hughes.  Man I’d love to!

Our other set of wheels is finally on the way!  Hopefully we can get in more exploring and picture taking once it arrives within a week.

Month #2… bring it on!

J in Chula Vista CA while L is in Utah
listening to Trace Adkins All I Ask For Anymore on Sirius 60
reading Vision Mongers by David duChemin

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