HH Gets Out Of The View

Saturday HH got out of the View!   She started the day by jumping out of the skylight!

HH Jumps Out Of The Skylight

HH thought she could Hang Ten with the professional surfers at Huntington Beach.

HH Scouts The Waves At Surf City USA

Oh, wait, this is Hollywood isn’t it

HH Is Up To Hollywood Tricks

Today we locked HH in the View and took off like athletic tourists.  We rode our bikes to the train (they call it a trolley here but it rides on tracks and looks like a train to me).  Took the train to downtown San Diego.  Walked to the ferry dock. Took the ferry from downtown San Diego to Coronado. Rode ten miles up and down Coronado.  Back on the ferry near sunset.  Another train ride.  Then another bike ride.  Total distance 13 miles.   Not much for athletic folks but for us, since our bike tires have been flat for years, it was an accomplishment.

We Boarded The Smallest Boat In The Fleet

Don't Joke Me About Still Wearing My Helmet... I Was Cold!

Besides, The Crew Is Wearing Their Personal Flotation Devices... Where's Mine?

San Diego Skyline

Your Favorite Tourists

Tourism is over tonight.  Back to work tomorrow.


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