Northern CA to the O.C this Week

Happy Hour in Anaheim

Last I blogged we were ready to be tourists in San Francisco.  Unfortunately the weather was not cooperative on Sunday and I had a 12 hour stomach bug and was not up to roaming around the city.  I was disappointed of course, but more so for J who really needed a break from the “box” and because he was really looking forward to spending time in a city for which he had such fond memories.  I did encourage him in the afternoon to go for a walk around our immediate area, but it was no San Francisco, as we were about 10 miles north across the bay in Marin county.

Monday and Tuesday I was feeling fine and worked in the city both days – it is such a cool town.  My sales rep and I were in Chinatown, Castro, Union Square, the Financial district and I got to have lunch at the infamous Cliff House overlooking the ocean with the huge rocks coming up out of the water.  Unfortunately no sea lions were out and about.  Monday night – a quick drive around town to see “The Painted Ladies”, Lombard street and down to Fisherman’s Wharf for dinner.  J started the drive back to southern CA after meeting up with an old friend for lunch.

Tuesday, I left San Francisco and the bay area and flew to Orange County to get ready to work with another rep on Wed. and Thurs.  J and our “house” met me at the airport.  One hour and 9 miles later we arrived in our RV park in Anaheim situated just across the street from Disney Land.

Today I enjoyed seeing more of Orange County, always on the lookout for potential areas to live.  J finally got to take a bike ride and enjoy the FULL ON SUN TODAY!  He had been to the POD storage area yesterday to see our two pods and to get our bikes and grill out.  Looks like everything made it across the country just fine.

We enjoyed a little outdoor time tonight, but it got chilly fast when the sun went down.  We will leave here on Saturday and head to San Diego for a little down time for J and to investigate the area.  I’m off to Park City, UT on Tuesday to work with another rep and to attend a podiatry convention.


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