Blue Skies

Morning In San Dimas CA

Today we woke up to a crisp 38 degree morning with SUNSHINE!  How my spirits have lifted to have some sun on my face and to see this amazing view.  Lake Puddingstone below, the beautiful snow-capped mountains in the distance and J’s favorite – a small regional airport with planes taking off just to the north of us.

Side View Of Our Campsite View

The door is open because we are actually outside walking around finally getting to check on the views now that the six days of rain has stopped.

Mountain View From The Campground

I hate to leave this morning.  It would be so nice to check out our surroundings, go for a walk around the lake, meet some other campers, etc.

See, we are still together... AND we really saw blue skies for most of the day

After my post last night some of you might be wondering…but see there are smiles on our faces!  One last photo opportunity before we hit the road.  Today we drive about 7 hours north to San Francisco.

Snow Covered Mountain Pass On I-5 North

It has been awesome traveling around in our “box”.  Today we saw some beautiful areas of CA that I didn’t even know existed.  We saw snow-covered mountains, drove through canyons and down across the vast San Joaquin Valley.  This valley is largely agricultural – vineyards, oranges, apricots, pecans, etc.  We even saw some rolling hills that looked like what I imagine Ireland does – emerald colored and sweeping out as far as the eye can see.  Lots of grazing cows and sheep completed the scene.

HH Does A Little Wing Walking

Of course no post would be complete without the latest installment of HH’s antics.  Today she chatted it up with a local pilot while we were having breakfast at Norm’s Hangar Restaurant at the airport just below our campground.  She was ready to shake off the cold and hoped the pilot would whisk her away to warmer climates.  Reluctantly we talked her back in the RV and headed north.

Tonight finds us in an RV park just north of San Francisco in Marin county.  Tomorrow we hope the weather will cooperate so we can take a ferry over to San Fran and do some sightseeing before I work in the city on Monday and Tuesday.



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3 responses to “Blue Skies

  1. Suzanne

    It is great to see your smiling faces! What gorgeous pictures! I’m glad you convinced HH back into the RV. I heard she was a sucker for a guy in a uniform…..

  2. I’m pretty sure the “pilot” wasn’t in a uniform – HH is more attracted to characters like the one from Treetop Flyer by Stephen Stills – she’s obviously adopted!


  3. Sue

    WOW…sure am glad to see the pic of you both still together! Hopefully he can roll out your room extension so you will have “more room”! HA! This pics are beautiful…makes us feel like we’re there with you … (glad I missed all the rain though!) Love you guys…be safe! Aunt Sue

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