HH Adapts

HH's New Fashion Accessory

For those of you doubting J and I could make it across the country living in a box, let me update you on the most recent conditions.  For the past six days it has rained continuously, hailed sporadically, and at times the wind has gusted 45-60 mph.  Due to these conditions, J felt it best that we keep the slide in for the past two, going on three, nights.  So conditions have been, let’s just say ,”cozy”.  Throughout this no life or limb has been lost, no one tossed over the mountainside, and no knock down drag outs (maybe a tiff or two or three).  So we are making it.  This week I have ridden with sales reps and J was stuck inside the box.  I have wet feet,  am chilled to the bone and J is….bored.

So whining aside, we leave  tomorrow to head north to San Francisco for four days.  Some pleasure, some business for me.

So while I may be doing a little moaning and groaning about the weather, HH has adapted beautifully – as you can see.  I’ve had to take her credit card away.


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