HH Had A Visitor

LA County wildlife - not what I expected

I’ve been at the desk on the computer.  During a break between heavy bands of blowing rain I saw a dog out of the corner of my eye.  Wait a minute…  that’s not a dog!  I grabbed the point & shoot camera off the dash and managed a couple of shots through the front window.

I assume this is a coyote.  It’s the first one I’ve ever seen.  Pretty sure it’s HH first sight of a coyote as well.



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3 responses to “HH Had A Visitor

  1. Barbara

    Haven’t seen a coyote, but we had a bob cat in our front yard last week. We did not get a picture, since we were too stunned to do anything but stare. He calmly eyed us over his shoulder as he nonchalantly strolled across the street to a neighbor’s side yard.

  2. Bud Kinder

    It might be a California Jack rabbit

  3. It was the size of (and to me looked like) a German Shepherd with a long snout

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