We’re in LA

Or LA County at least.  Crossed over the CA State Line at 10:10am pst.  We’ll be moving around a lot for the next several weeks as L’s schedule needs.

The rain started right as we crossed the LA County Line.  The forecast is for rain, rain, rain, and more rain some more for the next five days.  We’ll be heading to the San Francisco area over the weekend and yes, it’s supposed to rain there then as well.

This afternoon was not a sunny California welcome for HH.  She’s complaining.  We had to take away her cell phone so she doesn’t call some of you to attempt a rescue.

More soon.



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3 responses to “We’re in LA

  1. Mark Ritter

    Hey John,
    Someone here told me of your latest adventure. Wishing you all all the best and thanks for all your tech advice over the years and enjoyed working with you way back in the old KOM days….Will never forget you, Gunther and I in the lake at MLC dragging the bottom for sunken 3/4 tapes….

    Take care!

  2. Suzanne

    Are you staying afloat?? Make sure HH has a life jacket!

  3. We have HH standing on a log – she’s shaken, but dry

    However, we’ve put out a call for an umbrella -the type you get at Asian restaurants – the paper ones – hopefully one that doesn’t clash color-wise with her “grass” skirt – hopefully L will secure one tomorrow


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