Dublin Dr Pepper is going to Cali

Last morning on our road trip across the USA

I had planned to enjoy my one bottled Dublin TX Dr Pepper during a sunset on the BLM desert near Quartzsite AZ.  But I forgot.  This morning I climbed up on the roof to enjoy it near sunrise and then decided that my one Dr Pepper ought to continue with us for our last day officially on the road across the USA.  So, back in the refrigerator it went.

48 degrees here this am.  Yesterday’s Sprinter “crowd” is down to sixteen RV’s.  Some folks are also leaving today like us and others will be here for much of the week.  All are watching the approaching weather fronts as we are parked right in a flash flood wash.  We’ll be on the road well before noon and heading right into the first weather front as we cross into California and spend tonight inside LA County.



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3 responses to “Dublin Dr Pepper is going to Cali

  1. Barbara

    I don’t know, Jon. That bottle cap looks a little off-kilter. Are you sure you didn’t sneak one little sip?

  2. Promise!

    “Nectar” is not like wine that needs to breathe…

    I would never open a reserve stock like this and not consume the entire batch in one sitting.

    With rain, rain, and more rain in the forecast… I will wait for a sunny CA day/sunset to enjoy this refreshing delight.


  3. Barbara

    May the sun shine on you both, soon!

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