Thank You USA Taxpayers For Buying Our Campsite Tonight

Tonight we are boondocking near Quartzsite AZ on a very small piece of the 264 million acres of Bureau Of Land Management property.  This small town of  around 4,000 people swells from January through March when as many as a million and a half people will pass through here during this period.  Today the RV show started here and we heard estimates from 10,000 to 50,000 for the expected number of RV’s that will be here this week.  It’s quite an experience seeing thousands of all types of RV’s file in through various BLM gates and then drive through the desert to claim their camping spot.

For our one night stay on BLM land we met up with the owners of about two dozen other View/Navion RV’s who have all met on each other through a Yahoo group and somehow all found one another in this vast open wilderness here this week.

Our View met some cousins today

There are three weather fronts approaching which created dramatic skies at times today

For months I’ve been referring to this week as “Burning Man For Old Folks”.  I’ve never been to Burning Man but I think this is the tame version of that gathering.  It was fun having sunset hors d’oeuvres with dozens of other folks who have purchased the same RV as us and hear their experiences of travel and RV ownership.

The sun broke out in full just in time for happy hour

Tomorrow we head west once again, will enter California, and spend our first night in the LA area.  We left Virginia in the “Arctic Blast”.  Now the forecasters are predicting record rainfall in the Southern California area this week.  Perhaps we should call this our Extremes Adventure…


Sunset in one of the world's largest camping area

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