HH Moves On To Arizona

HH is on the road early before sunrise

Despite spending the night above 6,000 feet, HH is not light headed

HH is getting tired of the cold - hopefully this is the last snow she'll see for a while

Just after sunrise on New Mexico's high desert

Hour after hour of straight road at 4,000+ feet elevation

HH is just one state away from the left coast

Arizona desert, descending in elevation as HH gets closer to the CA state line


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3 responses to “HH Moves On To Arizona

  1. Joe

    I see a little snow behind HH. Hope everyone is staying warm till you cross the mountains and descend into CA.

  2. Bud Kinder

    Good Morning Jon and Liz,
    Looks like you are making good time and seeing a lot of this great big country. Stay Safe.

    Bud and Barb

  3. Mid 70’s in Phoenix and west yesterday – mid 50’s last night – there is a high wind & dust storm warning for later today so we might have to tie HH down.

    I’ll take HH for a walk into the BLM desert land later today if the wind allows.

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