Woke Up South Of The Border

One of the bridges to Mexico in El Paso, TX

No.  Not on the south side of the fence.  Just a few hundred yards on the south side of New Mexico and just out of eyesight of Mexico.

We drove along the fence for a while yesterday near/in El Paso.  It was interesting to see a part of life that we only heard about on the news back in VA.  Spent last night in a most interesting campground.  Basically a gravel parking lot with plumbing and electric.  But it’s huge!  Believe it or not, we’ll likely spend a second night here as L & I both need an office day.  Plus, since they allow RV washing here I want to remove the Artillery Moss that’s been on the sides of the RV since November.  At least in CA we will not have that problem!


El Paso Street, El Paso TX

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One response to “Woke Up South Of The Border

  1. Marydel Rives

    Jon and Liz:
    Congrats and Godspeed. King is from El Paso. There is a car wash called The Car Wash in ElPaso.
    Great Mexican food… How exciting for you both, best wishes and enjoy the southwest, it is so gorgeous. I know Derbyshire will miss you both.


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