Dr. Pepper!

HH after her 2pm "nectar" in Dublin TX

Took a side trip today to find an appropriate spot to mark the half way point of our trip across the USA… Dublin TX, site of the oldest Dr Pepper bottler that still produces the original recipe version of Dr. Pepper with cane sugar not corn syrup.  I think HH would make a great modern version of Pretty Peggy Pepper.


Good Texans always have a Pepper in their back pocket


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4 responses to “Dr. Pepper!

  1. Jim S.

    Hi Guys! I can’t believe how fast you have gotten across the country! When I saw your comments about Dr Pepper I figured it was time to make a post since that is the soda of choice for Suzanne and I. I have been drinking Dr. Pepper since I was a kid. As a teenager I used to drink a 2 liter every day at lunch. I wonder if it tastes any different with cane sugar instead of corn syrup.

    You guys are in our thoughts and prayers. Please take care.

  2. Suzanne

    HH is looking awesome!!!!!!

  3. Joe

    Jon, are you having the three cases of Dr. P shipped to CA or did you strap them on the rv??
    It’s great to see that HH is enjoying the sight seeing with you. Keep her safe at the camp grounds, wouldn’t want anyone to “spoil her.”

    Keep up the safe travels!!

    talk to you soon

  4. No Joe, no DP being shipped. My one fountain DP in Dublin was my first since October 12th, 2007 when I kicked my way too may liters a day habit.

    For me, going to Dublin was sort of like a reformed coke addict visiting the fields in Columbia. Luckily I’m not having tremors. (Yet)

    After being a diet cola drinker for the past several months, to me, the fountain DP in Dublin (which was made with shots of syrup and carbonated water added thereafter by the way) tasted very sweet . It was fresh, natural, cooling, refreshing, invigorating, healing, life enhancing, almost orgasmic… wait, no, stop, I’m not an addict.

    Oh, I did buy one 8oz bottle for photo opportunities.

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