We’re On The Move!


We have left the city.   A few days late and a few hours behind.  It’s a start but my mind tells me that the journey really begins tomorrow because today we still had visits to make, goodbyes to say and tears to shed.  I think J believes the road will reveal some rewards along the way.  To me the rewards started long before we turned out of the driveway today.  To spend quality time with our friends during our limbo between moving out of our house and actually hitting the road has been a gift.  So many people supported us and helped us that this move would not have happened without their contributions.  I need another word beside thanks because it just doesn’t express how I feel.  It’s not big enough.

So, what did we do today – said goodbye to the Crabtree family (and L’s BFF), dropped the SUV in Raleigh NC for shipping in a couple of weeks, after having lunch with L’s Mom, and on to Asheville, NC to see J’s Mom and to have dinner with dear friends, the Mannings.   400 miles, maybe 400 tears.  Not too bad in an RV for the first day.

Now we are tucked into a campground in the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Tomorrow we’ll hit it early and hard to try and outrun a predicted winter storm.

Stay Tuned


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One response to “We’re On The Move!

  1. Joe

    Well it is about time!! You have lollygagged around for days doing everything you can to delay your departure. Some of us were beginning to think it was a hoax.

    Keep us posted on the adventures of HH. Hopefully some of her encounters can be published!!

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