We’re Closed!

For weeks we’ve been planning to start our trek west today.  After losing three days to the snow storm and another day to a dental emergency we are going to be a couple of days late departing west.

All of my “keeping” equipment, along with our personal belongings, left in PODS on Wednesday.  Yesterday on New Year’s Eve I spent a long day working on RV modifications with the help of friends Joe and William.  Today on New Year’s Day I was back to the warehouse with the help of friends David and William again to dismantle the infrastructure and clear out what seems to accumulate.  Eight hours later at 4:45 PM , after filling a 20,000 lb capacity dumpster to the top with pallet shelving, unsold stuff, and things that just seemed to never disappear, I closed the door and locked the padlock on the gate for the last time after 25 years of working for myself in Richmond, VA.  Final closure.

Warehouse War Zone - "Final Total Clearance... Everything Must Go!"

I’m a person who long ago learned never to say “never”.  But I have a sense of finality to our pending departure from Richmond.  We might be back to VA at some point, but it will very likely not be in the same production focus or location.

Last night we said goodbye to many friends at a party thrown by our friends Jill and Craig.  Cleaning out the warehouse to the bare walls today, and looking forward to another goodbye dinner tomorrow night, it just keeps sinking in my tired head that 2010 will not be the same.  I hope we represent you well in our new life chapter.  Each and every one of you have positively contributed to our lives!

Tomorrow we’ll hopefully finish this round of RV modifications and Sunday I hopefully finish my 2009 taxes.

Stay tuned… if all goes well…  Monday we might be on the road!

New Year’s resolution #1 from a sign in Jill’s bathroom…  “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today”  Will Rogers


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