On the road!

A cold 35 degrees at 7:00am on an overcast morning in Forest City IA

I flew to Iowa to pick-up our traveling adventure machine and after a couple of days of orientation and I’m starting the 1,200 mile journey back home.  I’m not a huge coffee drinker but this morning’s latte at Cabin Coffee Company was better than most I’ve had!   Maybe the best ever!   Cabin Coffee is a still small (just four stores) franchise out of Des Moines.  Stop in if you’re near one!

Made headway of 365 mile on this first day out.  After a couple of hours of driving through rain I stopped in Iowa City to see a photography friend of mine. Bruce took me on a tour of the downtown/university area.  I’d like to come back some day and spend more than just a few hours.

Arrived well after dark at a nearly flooded campground in the middle of Illinois that is running in self-service mode.  Envelope and Honor box.  I think the owners are in Florida.  I drove around two 5th wheels trying to park while finding my space.  I had parked & powered & hooked-up to water & was relaxing with a beverage in my hand while they were still unpacking wood and shovels to get their dually pick-ups unstuck.  On this first real night of adventure travel I am glad our traveling machine is a small one!

Listening to Bruce Hornsby Just The Way It Is on 96.5fm


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